Monday, July 20, 2015

Thank You Kiwanis!

We were shocked to arrive at the garden club last Monday to find a Kiwanis member and 5 new raspberry plants for our garden. He even brought raspberries to eat. They were delicious and we were able to share them with the students who participate in the Whitewater Parks and Rec. summer program.

Some old broccoli raab was pulled up and the new raspberry plants were planted. Some weeding was done and more lettuce was harvested. Peas were enjoyed on site and a few radishes were eaten. The tomatoes are coming along nicely and should start to show signs of ripening soon (especially with all of the heat). 

Don't forget to join us later today between 4-6 for our weekly garden club gathering. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Carrots and doesn't get much better than this.

The garden is flourishing. Along with the many varieties of lettuces still producing nicely, the carrots were finally ready for harvest and the majority of the 40+ carrots that were picked were eaten on site by very happy children and parents (and even a lucky dog). Peas were enjoyed along with some fresh herbs. Tomatoes are starting to appear on the plants and the chives are still a notable favorite. 

New families are showing up each week along with the "regulars". Painting the rain barrel is on the to do list as well as making wish lists for future plans including possible storage as well as seating. 

These pictures below are just a small sampling of the smiles, laughter, fun, and friendships that are growing alongside the wonderful food in our garden. 

And when offered buckets of mud to paint with, these kiddos had no hesitation to dive right in (literally, in some cases). 

And finally we can't forget the wonderful cooking abilities of Ms. Milena and she enjoyed the big kids helping her make "soup" (notice her stirring stick).