Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hands on Learning!

 Experiential and hands-on learning at its finest. The same gardening friend planted a pepper plant in early June, harvested a pepper in late August from that same plant and cut the pepper to make salsa. The salsa was enjoyed with fellow gardening friends.

Our own salsa!

Lots of tomatoes. 
The LINCS Growing and Learning garden continues to provide many with learning and yummy, healthy food.  
Monday we harvested lots of tomatoes, our first green pepper and the first of the onions. Just the right ingredients to make our own salsa! 
Everyone helped to cut, dice and chop. Everyone was also very eager to enjoy the salsa with corn chips. A great treat for all who have helped tend to the garden over the summer. Thank you! 
The main Garden crew with the produce. 

Cutting and chopping

LINCS Garden Salsa! 

Healthy appetite for this gardener. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Garden Update

Although the Japanese beetles are at full force, the garden is growing well. The marigolds and zinnias are keeping those nasty garden-eating bugs away from the more important plants, like the tomatoes. Tomatoes are starting to ripen and I'm fairly certain we are going to have a huge amount of tomatoes during the next few garden gatherings. 

Join us on Mondays anytime between 4-6 and take some tomatoes home with you! Pick some basil too and you can make a yummy bruschetta or caprese salad!