Sunday, September 13, 2015

First Days Back in the Garden

Many visitors on the first day of school. 
The first days of school have found many visitors- with two legs and six legs- to the LINCS Growing and Learning Garden. Students were amazed to discover how "big" the garden grew since they last saw it in early June.

Students were excited to find many tomatoes, green beans and green peppers to try. The kale and chives continue to be favorites.

Discovering late-summer insects is certainly a highlight. Grasshoppers, caterpillars and bees  provide the opportunity to learn about pollination, being respectful of all living creatures and everyone who depends on our gardens to live in. Japanese beetles demonstrate what a pest can do in a garden.

Hunting for  green beans. 

A fresh, local, healthy snack. 

Garden resident, a grasshopper. 

All eyes on the grasshopper. 

Kale all around! 

A fuzzy friend with gentle hands. 

A handful of green beans. 

A popular spot to spend recess. 

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