Thursday, November 12, 2015

Preparing the Garden for Winter

Students in Mr. Stewart's class work together to move water from the buckets and rain barrel to the garden.
Some plants were pulled and composted and others were left for observation over the winter. Additionally, winter rye was planted as a cover crop and will be used as organic compost in the spring when it's time to plant again.

There were groups of students that even buried various items (organic items such as apple cores and banana peels and non-organic items such a plastic bags and containers) to observe the decomposition process. We can't wait to find the items we buried in the spring. I wonder what will happen....

We continued to water the garden in the early fall as the winter rye was sprouting before we let Mother Nature take over. Below are photos of Mr. Stewart's 4th/5th grade class watering. 

A student helps another student clean his hands after working in the garden.

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